About Me!!

Hello, I’m Shamia Allen, a coding intern for a non-profit organization called Empowered, at GloTouch Technologies and a senior at Dupont Manual High School.

I was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), which means my movement is limited and some of my joints are curved, to a certain extent. Being different has brought numerous ups and downs throughout my life. But it has also taught me many lessons, such as, never let anyone tell you what you’re able/ not able to do and it’s okay to be different.

After high school, I plan on attending EKU and majoring in forensic chemistry, while minoring in African American studies. These two fields have had my interest since middle school, solely because they aren’t taught in many school systems.

If I’m not coding then fishing, music, self education, or quality family time has my attention. 



I DID IT! I DID IT!! (Doe Anderson presentation(week 6))

I really surprised myself and my peers, by the way I explaining my content and my speaking voice. The only reason why I did so well with the presentation, was because I practice before I went to sleep and on my way to work.

The only two things I would change: Come in front of the screen and make sure I cover everything I practiced. With practice, these two things will be mastered!

Upcoming FutureUp presentation

NERVOUS but slightly confident…

I hate public speaking but with practice, I’ll be perfect. Hopefully.

Everything was A1 besides my voice level. I just hope my audience doesn’t show through my shirt tomorrow. If I catch myself making a mistake, then I’ll have to keep going with the flow, instead going back to correct myself.


Week 5

Stressful week!

Being that my partner and I had to switch our theme THREE different times, was what made the cup overflow.  I realized that it takes patience and determination when it comes to creating a website for someone who doesn’t have a clear vision on what their desires are.

BUT overall my week ended well, being that I had an opportunity to meet the lieutenant governor and walk on the Big Four Bridge, with a few co-workers.

Week 4

Now that I am working on 3 different projects, it keeps me busy. If there’s complications with one website, then it’s simple to work on my other two.

I can now listen to music while I work on two of my websites, which is good because it gives me an energy boost. Once you get the hang of everything, it’s a breeze.


Week 3

Very Very Very stressful week, but I got through it, thanks to my new organization method!

Unlike others, being organized is me in my confront zone, especially having multiple tasks going on at the same time. I’m usually the “make a list” type of person, but I discovered that having a set time to do everything is key.


Week 2

Every since I’ve had the opportunity to learn and understand coding, I’ve realized that if I take step by step challenge then I could accomplish anything. My mind set went from “I don’t know if I can do this” to “Let’s do this even if it may seem impossible.

Each and everyday I appreciate Empowered giving me a chance to discover traits inside myself that I didn’t know was there.  

Week 1


By the end of this enjoyable and miraculous empowered program, not only do I want to have a greater insight on coding but a better grasp on how confident I can be with every life-changing opportunity comes my way.

This goal isn’t impossible because there are many individuals around that I know who’s willing to help in any way possible. Working towards this goal isn’t gonna be hard as long as I’m  open to take on new opportunities and continue to stay EMPOWERED!


Why I Wanted to Learn WordPress

Since I have some general information on html and css, it’ll be nice to learn another form of website building, just in case I ever need to use it. Not only will I be able to create a website for myself but I’ll be able to create one for my peers.